Tuesday, May 4

Outdated Post 1 - 2009 Christmas

Finally, I've got some personal time out and got myself to post something here. It's been half a year...6 months, since I've posted anything. What was I busy with? Definitely work it is! Yes, I've been really busy with working life now, and is taking a lot of me.

How busy? Well, leaving work averaging at around 9pm from Mon till Thursday every week, except for Fridays as I have weekly badminton sessions on Friday night. The only time I have my workout and sports to sweat out! Lost nearly 7-8kg within this 6months as well. Not too bad, at least I am able to wear back some of my old pants/jeans which I was not able to fit in 8months ago :D

Well, gonna have a series of outdated post posted up! Well, starting from where I've left the blog was my Christmas @ Singapore. Well, it was my first time celebrating Christmas outside Malaysia! So, was definitely excited and hyped out about it! Apart from Christmas crowds at Orchard Road on Christmas eve and at Sentosa Island, I've really enjoyed the entire trip and Christmas celebration there. Of course, most important is celebrating Christmas there with my love one. Nothing is more enjoying than spending time with her

US in the bus, reaching Spore border ♥ !

We took First Coach there. It was quite comfy and really a great deal to travel down to Spore with First Coach. It has an LCD screen for each and every passenger, but you got to bring your own headphones!

We headed straight out to our first location at Toa Payoh after dropping our bags at Jacintha's aunt's home. And from then on.... is all the way walking and walking and walking and shopping....:P

We grabbed some bites from this shop!

Headed to Somerset then. As we walked into Somerset, we saw a huge crowds at this shop. It was selling Japanese Parfait or in other words expensive ice-cream! Not dwelling long, we decided queue up and get ourselves a sweet treats!

Can't remember what flavor we've ordered. Not mistaken something chocolate and banana. To be honest... it tasted really good! Probably never tasted parfaits before :P but it was really delicious. How delicious?

This delicious!!!!

Next huge crowds just a few shops after Marvelous Cream, it was MARCHE!! Look at the queue, at as far as I remember it was only 4pm.. @.@

Singapore Night View

Bugis Square. Bought a pair of shoe here!
Great discounted item!

The longest escalator I've seen!

Orchard Road! on Christmas eve!

Crowds started to built up by evening of Christmas eve. It was really happening and all kind of performances were performed.

Orchard Road at Night @ Christmas Eve

On Christmas morning, Jacintha's cousin, Shi Pei bought us to this coffee shop at Bishan for breakfast. Their coffee and toast were so so so..good!

On a 2nd day of Christmas a coffee came to me.. and it tasted so good!

This is Shi Pei!

Just want to extend my gratitude and thank you to you for being such a great host to us!

Sentosa Island ticket counter queue!


Luge Ride!

Segway ride!

That's all for today! I hope I have time like this more often ..till then!

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