Tuesday, May 4

Outdated Post 1 - 2009 Christmas

Finally, I've got some personal time out and got myself to post something here. It's been half a year...6 months, since I've posted anything. What was I busy with? Definitely work it is! Yes, I've been really busy with working life now, and is taking a lot of me.

How busy? Well, leaving work averaging at around 9pm from Mon till Thursday every week, except for Fridays as I have weekly badminton sessions on Friday night. The only time I have my workout and sports to sweat out! Lost nearly 7-8kg within this 6months as well. Not too bad, at least I am able to wear back some of my old pants/jeans which I was not able to fit in 8months ago :D

Well, gonna have a series of outdated post posted up! Well, starting from where I've left the blog was my Christmas @ Singapore. Well, it was my first time celebrating Christmas outside Malaysia! So, was definitely excited and hyped out about it! Apart from Christmas crowds at Orchard Road on Christmas eve and at Sentosa Island, I've really enjoyed the entire trip and Christmas celebration there. Of course, most important is celebrating Christmas there with my love one. Nothing is more enjoying than spending time with her

US in the bus, reaching Spore border ♥ !

We took First Coach there. It was quite comfy and really a great deal to travel down to Spore with First Coach. It has an LCD screen for each and every passenger, but you got to bring your own headphones!

We headed straight out to our first location at Toa Payoh after dropping our bags at Jacintha's aunt's home. And from then on.... is all the way walking and walking and walking and shopping....:P

We grabbed some bites from this shop!

Headed to Somerset then. As we walked into Somerset, we saw a huge crowds at this shop. It was selling Japanese Parfait or in other words expensive ice-cream! Not dwelling long, we decided queue up and get ourselves a sweet treats!

Can't remember what flavor we've ordered. Not mistaken something chocolate and banana. To be honest... it tasted really good! Probably never tasted parfaits before :P but it was really delicious. How delicious?

This delicious!!!!

Next huge crowds just a few shops after Marvelous Cream, it was MARCHE!! Look at the queue, at as far as I remember it was only 4pm.. @.@

Singapore Night View

Bugis Square. Bought a pair of shoe here!
Great discounted item!

The longest escalator I've seen!

Orchard Road! on Christmas eve!

Crowds started to built up by evening of Christmas eve. It was really happening and all kind of performances were performed.

Orchard Road at Night @ Christmas Eve

On Christmas morning, Jacintha's cousin, Shi Pei bought us to this coffee shop at Bishan for breakfast. Their coffee and toast were so so so..good!

On a 2nd day of Christmas a coffee came to me.. and it tasted so good!

This is Shi Pei!

Just want to extend my gratitude and thank you to you for being such a great host to us!

Sentosa Island ticket counter queue!


Luge Ride!

Segway ride!

That's all for today! I hope I have time like this more often ..till then!

Tuesday, December 15

A very hectic and busy 2 months

Been really busy with work for the past 2 months.

I was really busy... CAMWHOR-ing!!!!!!

That's Angelito Berber. He's our support engineer from Philippines.

Actually, I have been busy with many phases of testings for the YTL WiMax project. After a long 2 months, today was the exit of one of the many stages as planned. Been working till late nights for almost 2 months, and our record breaking time was leaving work at about 1am, to complete a number of test cases!!!

In a way, for now, my job is done at the data centre. The test team that I was working with has many engineers whom have many years of experience in their expertise. Really glad to work with this team of people, from YTL and Cisco. Great JOB!! Well done!! Looking forward for the next phase of working with you guys!

I guess, this past 2 months was just the beginning of everything. There are definitely more things ahead in coming months. Don't really think I have the time to blog that frequent, but will try my best to keep my blog updated.

For now, I am just looking forward for my long waited break. Will be heading down to Singapore to spend my Christmas!! This is going to be my first Christmas celebration outside Malaysia! Looking forward for a great time there with loads of shopping and visiting activities. Never have much memories of places in Singapore as my previous time there was at 1999. Am feeling more and more excited each day as the date to SG is getting closer.

I'll definitely need a good break to keep myself sane, recharged and motivated for me to give my best in what I am doing!!

Christmas in SINGAPORE.... HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 23

A Weekend De-stressing Outing

Apologize for not updating my blog for the past 2 months. Been extremely busy with my work. The project has really started. I often reached home around 9pm-10pm. Nearly everyday for certain weeks. Of cause there were days which I've left work on time. Oh, a new company policy, started in October. My entire company is required to work 5 and a half days a week. :( there goes my Saturday (sleep-in) morning.

It was definitely extremely taxing at work for the past few weeks, and I left my blog untouched. Gonna have some backdated activities posted!

First up: 18 Oct 09

So far I've only played go-kart at the miserable go-kart at Genting Highlands, and at Xtreme Park in Port Dickson. But in both of those time, there weren't any REAL race. VZS Club had a Go-Kart Championship at Shah Alam Go-Kart track. Well, from the looks of it, I did not blog about this earlier... means i won nothing. :P

But it was definitely a great time to race around the go-kart track. Well, the top speed is only 65kmph, but on a small go-kart... it's definitely fast!

Well, most importantly all of us had fun racing with each other on track with go-karts rather than doing it on the road endangering other people's life. :D Well done to all!

Sunday, September 27

Farewell to my household longest serving vehicle..

Last Wed, Sept 24th, my family sent in our longest serving vehicle to JPJ garage to be scrapped. This boy served my family for 25 years :(. It was a 1979 Honda Civic 1300cc Hondamatic 5-door hatchback. Hondamatic? It was practically the first generation of automatic cars made by Honda in Japan. This car is fully imported from Japan with made in Japan tag on it! Click here to read more about Hondamatic.

The car was bought for my mum when I was 5. It was meant for transporting my brother and I to school and kindergarten. Well, it was my main transportation for kindergarten, primary as well as secondary school. I think for most of my friends who knew me long enough, I m pretty sure they could remember this car.

This was the first car my brother drove when he got his licencse. When I first got my driving license, this was the car i was practically driving around with as well. To go out with friends, to get me to church and activities. I tapau-ed quite a lot of 90's Proton Saga with big muffler using this boy!

But now, I have to bid farewell to him. The gearbox is not good anymore and we couldn't find any spare parts for it. Of coz, there're more other problems than just the gearbox. Thus, my parents decided to scrapped it for a new car using the exchange programme.

Took some pictures of it...definitely my last pictures of it. Well done boy, you've served my family well. It's time for you to get ur rest. Thank you!

Just a missing alphabet 'A'. Even the Hondamatic logo (at the bottom right) is still intact. Not sure if new car's logo nowadays can last for 30years!

Thursday, August 27

August 27, My period came.....

Nothing much happened throughout the whole day. Not as crazy as yesterday.. just lots of work to do in office. Not as free as I used to be. Time to really get my engine really started.

Well, something strange happened in the morning. As I got up and heads towards the bathroom, I felt part of my trouser was damped. Pls, I DID NOT PEE IN MY SLEEP... nor WAT U HAVE IN UR MIND~! To my surprised, i saw BlOODDD!! Dammit, my period came and I do not have any tampons with me~~!!!!

Ok, back to the real story. As i fold up my trousers to inspect.. i found blood covering my entire thigh. Blood was dripping down my leg... dammiit, I M GOIN TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!

Ok! Really goin back to what really happened. My previos post, on the insect bite. Well, it burst when I was still lazying on my bed after my first alarm rang. It bleeds profoundly as I rush myself into the bathroom and giving it a wash with dettol. Thank God, the bleeding stops quite fast.

This is how blood soaked my trousers was...

Wednesday, August 26

August 26, Bad days not ended, yet...

Due to my food poisoning last Friday and I didnt took care of it well, I ended up having a bad flu on Monday. No worries, is not H1N1 as I went to the doctor and the doctor confirmed it as I do not have any symptoms of it. Took MC on Tuesday to have a good rest...

Well, I thought today would be a great day since I had sufficient rest. My workload piled up after a day off. So as I was busy rushing to complete my task, I've forgotten to insert money for my parking extension. Well, normally I parked at a per entry underground car park. But I parked outside today because my manager told me that I was supposed to collect back our equipments from SIRIM. Thought I would waste payin the per entry car park, so went to park outside my office. End up, I've got a ticket (saman) for my parking ticket overdue. Just mere 20mins, and I was rushing up a task requested by a senior which werent even my job to do it.

Mood totally screwed up the entire day. I was jst helping to do a favour and this is what I got myself into. A parking ticket. What more? Later in the afternoon, my manager told me he pushed the plan of collecting the equipments today. So, what the heck did I parked outside and get a parking ticket for??

You think that's it? Nope. My day havent ended at all. See this.....

Taken last week...

Photo taken just now...

Well, I thought I had a pimple/blister on my thigh last week. So didnt took care of it as well. It hurts throughout my entire weekend but thought it is normal. As I came home today to have a shower, tis was what I saw!! It wasnt a pimple... some freaking insect bit me. Arrgghh.. forced myself to press all the yellow-ish liquid out from it... it hurts like ..... like..

argghh.. when are all these gonna end~!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!

Friday, August 21

August 21, A bad day...

Thought it was Friday and supposed to be loving it, but I did not.

I had a very bad day. What happened?

1. I had a bad food poisoning.
Number of times in and out the toilet, 7 FREAKING TIMES!!!!!
(so wanted to burn down tht burger stall tht caused this). Was totally drained, and I knew I had a badminton session later in the evening.

2. Almost had an accident
Was turning into the car park, almost head on with another car. Normally, I'll looked at the reflecting mirror before making a turn as it was a blind spot, but sun was shining from tht mirror direction towards me. So I couldnt depend on the mirror and make my turn. Heard car horn, and immediately applied emergency break. Skidded down the ramp, ABS acitivated.... it was a close call. Thank God..

3. Sprained my ankle and re-sprained my finger injury
.... ntg to explain..

4. Racquet string broke

It wasnt really my day.....

Wednesday, July 29

What a misfortune...

Sighh. There goes few hundred ringgit. This was wat happened...

I was very exhausted yesterday, probably caused by disturbed sleep for 2 nights. So, I was absent minded and I didnt realize I did not close my car window properly.

Well, thank God.. my car wasnt stolen or something stolen from my car. Well, I guess everyone know that it rained heavily this morning. Heavy rain, unclosed window... you just know what comes NEXT!!!

Yea, interior of my car was drenched..both my front car seat was soaked with water. My power window panel was wet as well. I didn't noticed it actually from the beginning. I only noticed it when I stepped into my car, saw my car mat was drenched and wondered what happened. Only den I realized both my front windows were not properly closed. Left at least 2 inch gap. Inspect further, and found that both car seat were soaked wet. Floorboard was wet as well, even my gear area was wet. Luckily, the radio area was dry.. else if.. GONE~!

Came to office, opened up my power window panel, wipe the internal of the panel and make sure all electrical contacts were dry. Just the front seat, and left me with no choice but to send it in for steaming/soaking out the water from the cushion...

Sent it to Shine Shine Car Beauty Saloon in Damansara Perdana for that service. Its located just behind my office. They quoted RM260 to clean all the cushion and drying service. But i just wanted my front seat done and haggled the price down to RM130, but not finalized.

Let's see how much they are goin to charge me later....*finger crossed*

(did not took any pictures of it)

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